High Voltage Services

At Inter-Lect (UK) Ltd we are electrical specialists in high voltage services ; providing high voltage installations and maintenance services covering the design, testing, commissioning, installation, maintenance, repair and fault finding of all types of high voltage electrical systems and hardware.

In the past businesses typically would turn to the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the technical guidance and the design, installation of substations and distribution upgrade works. Changes within the DNO’s mean that this facility is now not normally available. We are able to offer HV engineers and a comprehensive service covering the whole system including the incoming High Voltage supply. We also offer a full maintenance service for high voltage switchgear and transformers.

High Voltage Installations and Maintenance Services in the Midlands

As high voltage electrical installation & maintenance specialists; Our resources include senior authorised persons, electricians, high and low voltage cable jointer’s and high voltage substation fitters. Not to mention that our professional engineers are able to provide guidance on state of the art electrical solutions to meet individual electrical requirements.

We undertake turnkey electrical contracts that cover all aspects of an electrical project from conception to completion. We also undertake contracts on a labour only basis if this is a preferred option.

With 40 years experience in the electrical industry, our high voltage fitters work in compliance with current electrical legislation, regulations, British electrical standards and all electrical engineering codes of practice as standard. Which enables us to provide extensive knowledge and intelligent electrical solution applications, all based on best engineering practices and trade experience.

High Voltage System Installation –
WWF Headquarters Woking

Full air tight method statement for delivery of the transformer unable to be lifted in by a tele handler. The 5000 kilo transformer was rolled in on steel plates and skates over uneven surfaces.

Low voltage distribution panel designed specifically for this site to include metering and 185mm2 sub mains, this panel is supplied with 500mm2 XLPE singles, 300mm2 main earth and has earth and neutral combined at distribution board and not the transformer.

LV connections from transformer

Finished 500kva transformer

Inter-Lect (UK) Ltd can supply HV engineers and High Voltage engineers Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and all over the UK