Electrical Safety Checks

Our electricians are able to come to your premises and perform electrical safety checks to test all your fixed wiring.  Through a set procedure of tests our electrical safety checks determine the state of your electrical system. In addition our fully qualified electrical engineers are happy to carry out periodic inspections  at your premises also, with all work being carried out in accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations and BS7671 2008.

We will test from your electrical mains incoming supply through all your distribution boards then to all of your switches, sockets and lighting.  All electrical test readings and observations are recorded on an electrical condition report which will be produced on the latest certification software and can be sent to you electronically in PDF format.

You will also receive a breakdown of any electrical problems identified during our testing along with advice on any remedial actions required.For a free quotation please give us a ring or complete our contact form. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the ability to carry out work to very high standards

Electrical Condition Reporting

An Electrical Condition Report includes testing and inspection of fixed wiring, for instance, in the building there are distribution boards which protect the circuits that they supply electricity to, the electricity is supplied to sockets etc by fixed wiring, and this is what will be tested during a periodic inspection report. The report will contain details of the current health of your electrical installation (wiring). Periodic inspection reports are usually carried out once every 5 years when used for commercial purposes and once every 10 years for a domestic situation. To see whether you are a due for periodic inspection report there will be a label on the distribution boards to say when inspection was last carried out. If there isn’t a label this would indicate that you probably should have one completed. Upon completion of the inspection you will receive full test certificates which will show all defects of your installation and our recommendations on any remedial actions required.

Inter-Lect (UK) Ltd are able to provide all types of electrical safety checks ranging from Partial Discharge Testing, Pressure Testing Services, HV testing and High Voltage Maintenance Testing.